Best Massage Chairs Review Updated 2018- (Comprehensive Guide)

Best Massage Chairs

Best Massage chairs are not hard to find. In the Current scenario, you just come home from work after a long tiresome day. Your backbone is stiff and hurting, your shoulders are aching and your feet are throbbing with pain. What you do then, you slip your shoes off and sit back in a reclining sofa and pick up the remote. But in this case you’re not going to watch the NETFLIX– you’re commanding your chair to remove all your aches and pains with the press of a button.

The main idea behind the massage chair is actually quite simple. A device inside or on the chair provides sitting for a person, which gives the person sensation after receiving a massage. Some massage chairs only have regular vibrational elements. But others, the advanced ones, contain some complex machinery specifically designed to mimic the human massage via profound therapists techniques .However, all of these massage machines are designed to give comfort, sensation and relief to the people who work their butt off all day for earning disposable income.

Why Do I Buy Massage Chair?

Now you might be thinking if it’s a good idea to best massage chair, then I should let you be aware of some certain important facts related to the massage chairs. Just to remind you the massage chairs don’t come cheap and you ought to be very clear about your needs, your requirements and your budget before you even think of buying a massage chair. But, it is sure worth all the money because this piece of machinery can really bring some aching relief solutions by massage and can bring some little happiness in your life.

Before you make your mind to best massage chair, let me describe you everything you need to know to buy the best massage chair for your needs so it can be easier for you to understand the machine and to make a decision of buying one for your needs.

Types of Massage Chairs

There are two types of massage chairs Shiatsu massage chairs and Swedish massage chairs. A Swedish massage chair is a combination of kneading movements with extensive and smooth strokes during the process of a massage.

On the other hand, a Shiatsu massage chair combines pressing, swaying, patting and rolling movements, but it also targets the pressure points all over your body. The point is, both machine’s sole purpose is to soothe and massage your body to provide a real relief.

How do these Massage Chairs Work?

I know this curiosity is striking in your head and you want the answer to this question, how does a massage machine work, really? Well, hold on your horses, I’ll provide the explanation for your answer,

As earlier described in the second paragraph of the article the main principle or the main function of the machine is to create an algorithm of the series of vibrations that can soothe your whole body and can provide you with the sensation of a relaxed body. If we go deep in the composition of the massage machine, there is a science in every part of it, let’s start from the vibration production of the machine.


The high-end massage chairs use multiple airbags for the purpose of squeezing large muscles of the body for the purpose of massage and this is a common technique that has been and still practised by many massage therapists all over the world. The airbags are filled with the air compressor, which also inflates during the multiple massage sessions. In a standard massage machine, the shoulder airbags are designed for handling shoulders and the foot airbags that are called as ottoman airbags holds the legs that are designed for stretching the body during a massage.


The standard model uses a vibrating surface for providing a massage. The small devices in the machine which contain a weighted wheel make the vibrations. The motor of the machine also pushes and rotates as well the wheel at a high speed, which in result causes the vibrations.


Moving up from the standard massage chairs there are rollers in the expensive model that create a more real human-like hand massage. On some models the rollers only in vertical positions like moving up and down, but with more complex models they can work both laterally and vertically as well. So they are able to move right, left and in circular motions which give a real effective massage.


Some massage chairs also function, including the recliners and some complex models also offer the zero gravity position that gives a real deeper massage sensational experience. Most of the top-notch massage chairs use the system called “motorized reclining”. What will this system do? This will help you to just press a button on the remote control or the chair and the machine will automatically re-change its position, wherever you want to face the machine, and this is a really productive option. On simpler chairs, you have to pull a handle to release the blocker and then push back by forcing your hands physically against the backrest of massage chair to push it back to lay lower.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

The prime purpose of the massage machine is just doing massage and the better question will be, what are the health benefits of massage? So, to provide some researched and actual health benefits read the content below:-

A relief for the patients with cancer

Massage is still in practice as a medicine or cure for the people suffering the disease of cancer. It relaxes and reduces a lot of symptoms emerging from the cancer. Massage will also lessen the side effects that emerge from cancer treatments such as nausea, depression, anxiety, etc. also it can lessen pain and other swellings. A massage can significantly improve the immune processes of human body, which makes massage an ideal treatment for cancer patients.

Eliminate Heart Problems

Benefits of massage are more and beyond than just relaxation purposes, this machine can really improve and also help to eliminate further health problems. The prime ailment on which massage chair is designed is back pain.

The symptoms relating to osteoarthritis can also be removed via an effective massage. Swedish massage has proven to be a really effective massage for the knee osteoarthritis.

Prevent High Blood Pressure

Massage can reduce stress, which relaxes the body and thus the increase in the heart beat rate and high blood pressure can be prevented by a fraction. Especially a true gift for those who work some tough jobs.

There’s been various studies conducted which described that massages can reduce stress and also heart rate at a significant rate. The studies have quite illustrated that there has been an increase in human’s nervous system of parasympathetic after getting a fine massage, which is tremendous. This system is called PNS, it eliminates all the stress which is produced by the human’s nervous sympathetic system in a way that makes the body come back to its normal relaxed state.

Massage Chairs Under $500

Are you looking for the best massage chair under $500 ? If yes, then we have some affordable massage chairs under $500.  In the below table you can see massage chair comparison table so you choose which fits to you.

1.  iJoy Active 2.0:

The Human Touch iJoy massage chair is designed for more comfortability in less price. It is one of the best affordable massage chair that consumes less space and can be easily fit in small space. The iJoy comes with great colour combinations that suit your walls.  As per specs, iJoy Active 2.0 is a relatively small chair with a compact design so you can install it in a small apartment with limited space. It comes with:-

  • Three automatic programs with custom options.
  • Roller and vibration massage.
  • Comes with 2-year limited product warranty.
  • Affordable.
  • Sleek and compact design.
  • Adjustable roller width.
  • It reclines close to 180 degrees.

2. T&D Enterprise BT 7600P:

This is the best chair under $500. It is one of the affordable massage chair which can be used in office or home.

What features you should look in a Massage Chair?

Now you have understood that the massage chair can really help to bring wellness of your overall body and health and thinking of buying a massage chair for your household too, so, for that purpose some of the features you must look into the massage chair before buying it.

There are different categories to help you buy the best massage chair likewise mentioned in the article above some features only come in the advanced expensive models, but a series of features come in all the massage chair. For example, if you are suffering from a shoulder or a neck pain, then you need to buy a massage chair that has specific features for your neck and your shoulder area. Similarly in the massage chairs with the airbags in the leg area can be very beneficial for the people who suffer aches in the lower muscles and foot, knee joints pains and overall aches of a leg.

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